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About Pamela

Pamela Henderson

Pamela was born in New Zealand, the eldest of five daughters and three adopted brothers, she pretty much learned to boss her siblings around at an early age.  Her family moved to Western Australia when she was six years old.

Growing up, she had five children of her own as a mostly single parent.  She spent seven years living in the eastern states before settling again in Western Australia.

Pamela began to awaken in her 20's and discovered that she had an ability to pull "stuck" energy out of people which she says "...feels like plasticine."

Living through domestic violence and drug abuse taught her much about energy use, misuse and abuse and she learned to set herself free, empowering herself for a more energised and fulfilled reality.

Continuing her journey of self empowerment, she graduated as an Energetic Kinesiologist in January, 2018 with the O'Neill Kinesiology College after 3.5 years of study.

Pamela is passionate about being the most genuine and authentic being she can be via self acceptance & empowerment; conscious development & awareness; seeing the energy patterns that limit the self, and inspiring others to do the same for themselves, if that is their journey.

Pamela has 25+ years experience in energy work including Astrology which she calls her "forte".

It is Pamela's ambition to create super clinic wellness centers across Perth and Western Australia promoting wellness and alternative health & wellbeing so all West Australians and visitors can have the choice as to how they live life. Her first clinic is based in Armadale.


Pamela's Qualifications


Cert IV & Diploma Human Resourses Management

Diploma Project Management & Risk

Associate Degree Communications in Business - 95% HD

Certificate IV Energetic Kinesiology

Diploma energetic Kinesiology

Advanced diploma Functional Kinesiology